Friday, November 16, 2012

Lunches Week 12

I am so feeling behind the eight ball this week. Until this past Monday I had in my head that there was one more week before Thanksgiving. By now I usually have our Christmas cards printed, Christmas shopping 90% done, and Black Friday list ready to go. This year is definitely not going as planned. Now this weekend we need to do the kids Christmas pictures for cards, and my daughter was sick this week and looks pathetic. Sigh, 'tis the season I suppose....

Since my daughter missed school Thursday and Friday this week there were only 3 lunches.


I packed a Nutella sandwich cut with the heart FunBites*, carrots, goldfish crackers, and a Sistema Twist N' Sip* of water.


I packed an M&M shaped Nutella sandwich, cucumbers, Halloween pretzels, and a Sistema Twist N' Sip* of water.


 She had a ice cream Lunch Punch nutella sandwich, carrots, white cheddar puff balls, and a Capri Sun.


No school, she was home sick. 


No school, she was home sick. 

The products used in this post are listed below.
The container with green inserts is the Rubbermaid LunchBlox entree with trays*.
The silicone flower cup* is Wilton.
The clear container with 3 sections is an EasyLunchBox*.  
The pumpkin cup is a silicone baking cup*.

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