Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Picture Ideas & Promo Code For Cards

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!
I spent most of the past three days decorating for Christmas and shopping! I am happy to say that my Christmas shopping is officially done, and I didn't even leave the house on Black Friday!

I always have a hard time trying to decide on a theme for our Christmas card.
I never know whether to go funny, classic, simple, or nontraditional.

"Funny" is whatever makes me chuckle when I look at it.

To me "Classic" includes pine, poinsettias, fireplaces, and stockings.

"Simple" is just a plain Santa hat...

or maybe some Christmas balls...

or a sweet fedora.

To me "nontraditional" is when my kids are not in dress clothes.

In the end there is always a few pictures that end up making the decision for me, and all I have to do is make them into a card.

Every other year I got our photo cards from, but this year I came across a great promo code from If you use code CKN2962 you will get 70% off and Free Shipping! The code is good until December 31, 2012, so if you haven't purchased your cards yet check them out!  

If you are wondering what type of card we ended up doing this year, take a look for yourself!

You can find the card at

 I'll Be Linking Up At These Parties!


  1. I LOVE that picture! I have three kids. I wonder how I could make something like that work. Hmmmmm . . .

  2. Thanks! You should do it by an outlet. 1 wrapped up, 1 pulling, and 1 plugging in. Or the older 2 wrapped up and the youngest pulling...LOL

  3. O my goodness, your children are adorable! I love the one with your little boy wrapped up in the lights. I found you on the tipjunkie and I'm following on Facebook and Twitter now.


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