Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Despicable Me Minion Costumes {Tutorial}

Happy Halloween!

My kids have had homemade costumes since they were born. 
This year they wanted to be Minions from Despicable Me.
In one scene of the movie, there is a minion dancing with the little girls and it has a tutu on. The second my daughter saw that, she needed to have a tutu with her costume.

I think these were the easiest costumes I have made to date.

Yellow Hooded Sweatshirts
Black Shoes
Tutu (optional)
Black Gloves (not pictured above)
Glasses (I got them at our local dollar store)
Black Felt
White Felt (optional)
Black Pipe Cleaners
Black Thread
Electrical Tape
Fabric Glue (optional)
Adhesive Velcro (optional)
Black Elastic (optional)
Hot Glue (optional)
Hot Glue Gun (optional)
Making the Overalls 

1. Cut the "Gru" symbol out of black felt.  (I freehand cut the symbol.) When I placed it on the overalls I thought it wasn't noticeable enough so I added a circle of white felt behind it.

2. Attach "Gru" symbol to the white felt with fabric glue.

3. Attach the symbol to the overalls. I sewed it on with large stitches that just went though the white felt,so I would be able to remove it after Halloween. You could use fabric glue for this as well.

Making the Glasses (optional)
The glasses would not stay on my kids' faces, so I had to make a band for them.

1. Tie black elastic to one the arms of the glasses.

2. Place the glasses on your child and tie the other end of the elastic to the other arm of the glasses.

3. Hot glue the elastic in place, so you won't have to keep tying it on.

4. Optional- Attaching Adhesive Velcro *see next section

Making the Yellow Hooded Sweatshirt

1. Cut pipe cleaners to desired length for hair style.

2. Sew the pipe cleaners to the top of the hood using the black thread. Mine took about 8 stitches for the shorter hair and 15 for the longer hair. You could glue the hair on as well, but I wanted to remove it after Halloween.

3. Place the sweatshirt and glasses on your child. Attach the electrical tape around the hood where the hood meets the glasses.

4. I also attached a small piece of adhesive Velcro at this point; to both the hood and the glasses. This will help keep the hood up. (This was really needed with the longer "haired" hood.)

After all your pieces are made, you are good to go!
And if you sew everything on, after Halloween you child has a new hooded sweatshirt and overalls.

If you have to send your child to school with their costume, you could do something like this to help make sure all the pieces make it back to you.

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  1. What an awesome idea and great tutorial! Thanks!

  2. My kids are SO into the minions right now. They will be so excited about having these for halloween costumes!

  3. My kids can't wait for Halloween. The hardest thing was a yellow sweatshirt. I found overalls online. Thanks


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