Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Painted Halloween Luminaries

I am always looking for fun ways to decorate the outside of our home for Halloween. Last year I came across some Halloween luminaries by Crafts by Amanda. She used some canning jars she had purchased, but my motto is, why buy what I already have. So I have spent a year saving jars and getting jars from people to paint.


Acrylic paints in the colors of your choosing
Paintbrushes of varying sizes
Clear Acrylic Sealer

 The jars I used for the green, white, and purple luminaries are from Great Value salsa.
The orange jars are from Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce.

1. I wash the jars and removed the labels from them. (I used GooGone to remove the goop left behind and washed the jars again to remove any film left behind from the GooGone.)

2. Once the jars were dry, I painted 1 coat of the acrylic paint on them.

3. After the paint has dried, paint your faces on the jars. You could draw your faces on with a Sharpie and paint them in, but I just free handed my faces with black paint and a paintbrush. 

4. Once your paint is dry, spray the jars with the clear acrylic sealer. This will prevent the paint from chipping easily. I used tomato sticks and placed the jars on them and then sprayed them with the clear acrylic and left them there to dry.

Ta-da you are done!

You can use any candles you want, but I used tea lights.

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  1. I love these! They would be perfect for making with the kids and they'd love 'em!

    We'd love it if you come by and share it at our linky party: Family Recipes and Crafts Linky Party

    Hope you stop by!

    1. Thanks! Sorry I missed this linky party, but I watch for your next one!!! I spent too much time preparing for hurricane Sandy and not enough time on the internet...LOL

  2. Thanks for the invite and for stopping by!

  3. Do you paint both the inside and the outside or just one, and if so which one?

    1. I just painted the outside of the jars, and then sprayed them with the sealer.


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