Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lunches Week 13

I know it is only Wednesday, but technically it is Friday since it is a 5 day holiday weekend.
I won't be posting tomorrow or Friday, because I will be busy celebrating and shopping!!!


I packed a Nutella sandwich cut with the Elephant Lunch Punch*, carrots, pretzels, a Christmas oreo, and a Capri Sun.


I packed an Princess Lunch Punch* shaped Nutella sandwich, cucumbers, Halloween pretzels, and a Capri Sun.


 She had a turkey shaped nutella sandwich, carrots, oyster crackers, Hershey's drops, and a Sistema Twist N' Sip* of water.

No school, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

No school.
The products used in this post are listed below.
The container with green inserts is the Rubbermaid LunchBlox entree with trays*.
The silicone cups are Wilton pastel cupcake liners*.
The clear container with 3 sections is an EasyLunchBox*.  
The pumpkin cup is a silicone baking cup*.

*Affiliate Links.
 I'll Be Linking Up At These Parties!

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