Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TP Flower Wall Art

I have been seeing a lot of toilet paper roll and paper towel roll art work on Pinterest lately. This one from 365 Days to Simplicity stuck in my head but I wasn't sure where I would put it. 

365 Days to Simplicity
The other day when I saw the empty wall in my Painting Stripes post I knew I had found the perfect place for it. I mean really, how fitting is it to have toilet paper roll art in a bathroom? Right?

The key to creating this wall art is to have a picture frame that is deep enough to allow the toilet paper rolls and the pearls to fit once the back is placed on. Luckily I had a picture frame that I used at my other house that was just perfect for this project. It had a double mat offset by foam tape that made it about 1/2" thick total.

The backside of the photo mat. Showing the depth of the mat.

The first step was to cut the toilet paper roll into thin strips, a little less than 1/2" thick. Then using hot glue I glued them on to a 5mm pearl creating a flower.

Next I placed the flowers in the pattern I wanted and then glued them together. I did this while laying them on the photo mat so I knew how big I had to make it.

 Once it was big enough to center it the way I wanted, I trimmed the excess off.

 All that was left was to add a piece of card stock as the background and put it in the picture frame.

I ended up flipping the mat in the frame so the backside was the front, to cover the trimmed edges of the toilet paper rolls. I think having the mat backwards gives it a neat look.


  1. Looks beautiful! Can't believe that this was toilet paper rolls!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! And Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks for linking up at Create & Inspire last week! We'll be featuring YOU tonight! Be sure to come by, grab a button and link up some more fantastic projects!


    1. Thank You so much! I really appreciate the feature!

  4. Looks good - I better start collecting those empty toilet paper rolls! Those walls look pretty fab, too! =)

    1. Thanks so much! It is super easy to make. If you make one I would love to see pics!! :)

  5. I really like this and it is getting pinned! I am currently in the process of saving my rolls now. :)

    Tracey - MyCreativiT

    1. Thank You so much! I would love to see a pic when you complete it :)

  6. Gorgeous and so, so clever! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Can you give the measurements of the thickness of the frame?


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