Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Patriotic Wreath

I recently came a across this super cute patriotic wreath by Sky at Capital B on Pinterest.
As soon as I saw it I knew I would be making one of my own.

Sky offers a great tutorial, but I did a handful of things a little different so I thought I'd show you what I did.

12" straw wreath - Do NOT unwrap it and you will not have to worry about getting straw everywhere.
1/2 yard blue felt
1/2 yard red felt
1/2 yard white felt
1 package of felt star stickers - I got them in the isle with all the felt shapes at JoAnn Fabrics
20 gauge wire - I got it in the jewelry supply section at JoAnn Fabrics
Straight pins - A lot of them!
Ribbon - length determined by where you are hanging it
Scissors -You want them sharp enough to cut felt, but don't use your favorite pair because felt dulls the blades.
Wire Cutters
Pencil - with an eraser on the end.
Cutting Mat - To cut the felt on.
Rotary Cutter - Like this one, to cut the felt
Quilting Ruler or Straight Edged Object - To use with the rotary cutter.
Heat Sealer - For the ribbon.


1. Cut the felt into strips. My strips were 2" wide. The rotary cutter made this very quick and easy. Leave some felt uncut if you want to cover the back of the wreath.

2. Cut the strips into squares. Just cut the strips at 2" intervals. This will give you 2"x2" squares.

3. Fold a square into a little triangle by folding it in half, point to point and then point to point again.
4. Stick a straight pin in the corner where all 4 layers overlap.
5. Start sticking the "triangles" in the wreath, working from the front of the wreath down the sides towards the back of the wreath. (If some of the pins seem difficult to push in you can use the eraser end of a pencil to push the pin in.)
6. Fill in with more "triangles" where ever you see gaps.

7. If you would like to cover the back of the wreath flip it over and use the leftover felt to cover the blank spots. I attached the felt with more "triangles" of felt, but you could just use straight pins.

8. If you know where you are hanging the wreath you can measure, cut, and attach your ribbon now. I used a heat sealer to cut the ribbon so it wouldn't fray, and 4 straight pins to attach the ribbon to the wreath.

 9. Cut your wires to desired length. Mine were about 5" long. 
10. Curl the wire around pencil. 
11. Stick the wire into the wreath where you would like your stars located.
12. Attach 2 felt star stickers back to back with the wire in between them.

Once everything is attached hang it, and enjoy!

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  1. This turned out terrific, Andrea! Quite a few people seem to be using the straw wreaths still wrapped- what a great way to save $! Someday I'll make one of these and actually keep it for myself ;) Hope you have a great Independence Day!

  2. Thanks Sky! Have a great holiday and Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  3. When you post a craft or project. Do you mind posting the finished product cost for supplies? To see if its something us readers could do.

    1. Sure I will try to do it for future projects. Thanks for the feedback :)


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