Thursday, June 14, 2012

Painting Stripes

When we built this house we had everything (trim, walls, and ceilings) painted bright white. The first room I am changing from boring white is the powder room, located right off of our kitchen.

My first thought was to paint it blue and have brown accents, hence the picture on the wall. After going through tons of paint swatches I decided blue just wasn't for me.  Then one day I came across the wonderful tutorial on painting stripes from Classy Clutter. The moment I saw it I new stripes were in my near future.

This was a one day project the longest part of it was the prep. The tricky thing about painting bathrooms is all of the stuff you have to paint around. To help with this there are some tricks I use.

1. Remove all the hardware you can.
2. Cover the back of the toilet with a trash bag.


3. Remove the globes and bulbs to the light fixture. Loosen the light fixture and cover with a small trash bag. Tape edges of light fixture with painters' tape.

4. Tape the edge of the sink with painters' tape, cover the edges of the sink with Glad Press 'n Seal, and place a baggie over the faucet.

I didn't tape along the trim or the ceiling I just used a 1" angled Purdy paintbrush, a steady hand, and a wet paper towel (in case of a mistake).

Since I was painting the a bathroom I choose a semi-gloss finish, so I will be able to clean the walls easily when needed. I used Behr Perium Plus Interior Semi-Gloss Low Odor, Zero VOC, and painted the entire bathroom Behr Cozy Cottage (740C-2). After letting it dry a few hours I decided on 8 - 12" stripes and used a laser level to make the lines then taped along them. Unfortunately it was getting late and I forgot to take pictures with the tape up. Once taped I used the "Base Coat Method" described in Classy Clutter's tutorial and used Behr Creamy White (W-D-710) as my other color painting every other stripe starting from the ceiling down to the floor. The trim and ceiling did not need to be repainted so they are still the original bright white.

I am very happy with how the stripes came out and oddly they make our small powder room appear bigger. The mirror is the Hemnes from IKEA and it fit our space and budget nicely. The room still needs some accessories but so far I couldn't be more pleased with the change.

Thanks for reading and I hope you are feeling inspired.

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  1. wow - that really transforms the room. Looks great!

  2. I love horizontal stripes and this looks great in your powder room. The black of the IKEA mirror really pops off the wall. Good for you that you have such a steady hand to cut-in without tape! You mentioned a wet paper towel just in case ... here's one of my fav tips ... believe it or not, baby wipes are the best paint clean up towel ever. I don't have children {puppy dog only} but we have baby wipes ... no lint, stays wet, only have to pull one out if needed, very absorbent, doesn't fall apart. I buy the no perfume and no additive ones, and they don't leave residue on the walls :) Visiting from TipJunkie and am a fellow poster. Congrats on the new home BTW.


    1. Thanks for the tip. I use baby wipes all the time to clean my microfiber furniture, but I never thought of using them for paint.

  3. Thanks for the invite. I will be sure to link up tomorrow!

  4. Oh that is lovely! Great transformation.

    Thanks for sharing at Create & Inspire! :)

  5. What a difference it makes! Love it!

  6. Really a nice job and I love the colors you chose with a subtle contrast. Really makes the bathroom look great. Gail (

  7. I just love how it turned out! Thanks for the inspiration! Your newest follower from

  8. i just painted my bathroom the same way and same exact colors using your blog. I used blue painters tape for "sensitive" surfaces with leak guard and turned out perfect. No touch ups needed. Only took 4 hours! Thanks for the inspiration. The colors you used matched up really nice.


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