Friday, March 8, 2013

Lunches Week 27 - {Easter Style}

On Monday I went to Target, and apparently my little stroll through the Easter section, made a huge impact on the lunches I made for my daughter the rest of the week. 


She had taco turkey, shredded cheese, tomatoes, tortilla chips, Greek yogurt (not pictured), and a Sistema Twist N' Sip* of water.


I packed her a carrot shaped sandwich, carrots, wild rice with mixed veggies, a squeezable applesauce, and a Capri Sun.


She had an egg shaped sandwich, white cheddar popcorn, carrots, grapes, and a Capri Sun.


She had a bunny shaped sandwich, squeezable applesauce, grape tomatoes, popcorn with M&Ms, and a Capri Sun.


I packed her a bunny shaped sandwich, carrots, grape tomatoes, cheese doodles, and a Sistema Twist N' Sip* of water.

The products used in this post are listed below.
The container with green inserts is the Rubbermaid LunchBlox entree with trays*.
The clear container with 3 sections is an EasyLunchBox*.  
The tiny clear container is an EasyLunchboxes Mini-Dippers*.
The silicone cups are Wilton pastel cupcake liners*
The silicone flower cup* is Wilton.
The squishy packs with the applesauce in them are Squishy Snack Paks.
Check out my review of Squishy Snack Paks here!
*Affiliate Links.
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