Thursday, July 5, 2012

Saddle Stools Redo

I have been wanting saddle stools for my kitchen island since we moved into this house. I needed three of them, and I really didn't want to the pay $50-$100 a stool that I had been seeing everywhere. One day I ran into Wal-Mart for my favorite store bought salsa, and came across some saddles stools priced $14.97!!!! The stools were not the color I needed, but for $14.97 I didn't care.

On a side note if you haven't tried the Great Value White Corn & Black Bean Salsa you should. It is really good for a store bought salsa.

Now back to the stools. I considered staining them the same color that I stained my kitchen table when I refinished it, but I was afraid that would be too much dark wood for my kitchen.

Check out my table redo here.

I decided if I wasn't going to stain the stools the same color as the table, I would paint them. I finally settled on Sherwin Williams Show Stopper to add a little red flare to our kitchen.

 I started by scuffing the finish on the stools with an electric hand sander and 80 grit sandpaper. There was no need to completely remove the finish, because I was painting them and not staining them. Once the finish was scuffed, I wiped the stools down with a damp towel and primed them.


I primed the stools with 2 coats of  Zinsser Cover Stain Primer Aerosol. After allowing the primer to set for 24 hours. I used Sherwin Williams All Surface Enamel Acrylic Latex Satin in Show Stopper to paint the stools. Using a good quality Purdy paint brush, to minimize brush marks, I applied 3 coats of the paint. I waited 6 hours between each coat to make sure I didn't lift the previous layers.

After allowing the paint to set for 24 hours, I applied 2 coats of Minwax Water Based Polycrylic Aerosol in Clear Satin. I then allowed the stools to sit untouched for 4 days before putting them back in my kitchen. I just wanted to make sure the poly had a chance to really set up before I let my kids near them.

I love having the stools at our island. They really add some color to our kitchen, and the kids love sitting at them while I work in the kitchen.

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