Thursday, July 19, 2012

How To Treat Ink Stains On Fabric

Last night was "art night" in our home. The catch was that it was an unapproved "art night". My daughter took a marker to bed and woke up covered in blue, along with her pajamas, and her fitted sheet. My son took an ink pen to bed and colored in Perry's eye on his pillowcase. He was actually proud of himself and pointed out that he stayed in the lines....*face palm*

Unfortunately for me, neither ink was "washable".

While reminding myself how much I love my children, I started to tackle my daughter's pajama shirt and sheet.

I started by placing some paper towels under the sheet and in between the layers of her shirt. Next I sprayed them with an alcohol based hairspray and blotted with another paper towel.

After repeating, I rinsed the pajama shirt (100% polyester) and the ink was gone!!!

I had to rinse and repeat several times with her sheet (60% cotton, 40% polyester). I may have blotted scrubbed too hard, because I removed some of the pink color from the heart....oops!

Next I started my son's pillow case.
Poor Agent P!

I placed some paper towels in the pillowcase and poured some rubbing alcohol on the ink. I then blotted with a paper towel and rinsed the pillowcase. To my delight after doing this only one time the ink was gone!

I then washed and dried everything as I normally do. Besides a little fading where I scrubbed too hard, all is back to normal.

 The hairspray I used was Pantene Curly, but any brand should work as long as it is alcohol based.
The rubbing alcohol I used was Target brand 91% isopropyl alcohol.

Any recommendations on getting the ink off my kid?

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  1. Great tips! Any tips on removing a stained wooden outdoor table? I'm afraid of scrubbing off the paint varnish.

    1. Thanks! No I'm sorry I haven't come across that one yet.

  2. Hi !

    This is a well written and fun article, with great pictures.
    I wrote something similar here: How to remove ink stains ? so please read it and tell me what you think.

    Many thanks


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