Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Make-Up Organization

OK, confession time! 

I'm lazy, L-A-Z-Y! 

I hate making my bed just to unmake it every night, so I usually don't make it.
I hate folding laundry and putting it away, so I almost never put laundry away the same day I wash it.
I hate digging through a make-up bag everyday and putting it all away everyday, so I just leave everything out on my bathroom counter.

Unfortunately the last one, about the make-up, made my kids think that they could play with my make-up. This resulted in smashed eye shadows, damaged brushes, and lipstick all over my kids and their clothes. FYI, lip gloss makes really good hair gel.

While cleaning up the disaster zone, I began to think it really wasn't that I didn't want to put my make-up away, it was that I didn't want to dig through my make-up bag and waste time each morning.

So after using a shoe organizer, to organize the tights in my daughter's closet, I got the idea to use it for my make-up.

Luckily for me it was the perfect answer. 

I used 3M Command strips to hang a shoe organizer with clear pockets on the inside of my bathroom closet door. 

Now when I do my make-up I leave the closet door opened, and I have quick and easy access to everything I need. I even have 1 spot left open for dirty brushes that I will need to clean at the end of the week. (If you would like to see how I clean my make-up brushes go here.) Now my bathroom counter remains clear, and I feel less

The best part is with a lock on the door the kids have no access to my make-up. Sorry kids, no more glittery lip gloss hair gel.

 I'll Be Linking Up At Some Of These Parties!

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