Thursday, August 23, 2012

Getting Our Coat Closet Ready for School

This summer we have been getting ready for school in so many ways. We've been preparing lunches, trying new products, and getting our schedule organized. We also organized our coat closet to help us get out the door a little faster.

My motto: "The more the kids can do for themselves, the less I have to do."

 I used my Silhouette to cut vinyl and label the shelves and bins. The kids each have their own shoe shelf and accessory bin. Currently their bins have summer hats in them, but soon enough their fall and winter hats and gloves will be in them.

There is a place for each of them to hang their sunglasses and backpacks, and place for their DS cases (not that they have anything to do with school), and activity bags (dance & karate).

Some of the other items I keep in reach for my husband and myself are; my camera bag, emergency snacks, my purse, my coupon binder, umbrellas, hats/scarves, and extra totes.

I also placed command hooks* on the inside of the door so we can hang up our coats before I get to hanging them up on the hangers. Otherwise the coats tend to end up on the floor.

Having things at my kids' height makes getting out the door so much easier. It also makes them responsible for putting their things away.

This silly closet is really serving as a learning opportunity for my kids.
The simple task of putting things where they belong in the closet is spilling over into other areas of the house. They are getting use to the idea that if they don't put something where it belongs the next time they go to look for it, it won't be there. I have also used this as an opportunity to teach them to retrace their steps to find items on their own.

It is a beautiful thing when a life skills opportunity comes out of something so simple.

What are somethings that you do to help your kids become more self-sufficient?

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  1. Hi I came across your blog at Follow Me Wednesday. Now following along. :)

    Vicki @ The Domesticated Me

  2. Great idea if you only have a couple kids. I have five. I would need a back to school coat room! LOL

  3. I wish I had this closet space! Maybe in the new house there will be one. If not hubs and I talked about getting lockers for everyone (there are 6 of us). I love this set up though and I fully believe in my kids taking responsibility for as many of there own things as they can. Even my 22 mo old will find her own shoes and coat when I ask her too :)
    They all have chores too even our lol princess though hers are more helping me and putting her toys away. If I'm doing dishes she puts the plastics away and wipes down the table (Castile soap sprayed on a wash rag) she turns off lights around the house and puts the kids washcloths away and helps put groceries away. I have them do as much as they can while they still like it so its routine and automatic when they get out of that stage.
    I loved the snack bag post too! I commented there as well about my ER bag!!!
    Fantastic blog I'm having a blast poking around!!!

    1. Thanks! I love that you get your kids involved in the chores around your house. So many people do not do that anymore, and it makes me feel like a mean mom. Thanks for your comments :)


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